ARTHUR HOLM exhibiting in OFITEC at the new range of motorized screens for integration into conference tables.

ARTHUR HOLM announces its presence in OFITEC to be held in Ifema in late October .

ARTHUR HOLM products have been designed considering man as the heart of the office. Functional ergonomics, attention to the finish details and the latest technology, are wisely combined in the Dynamic products by ARTHUR HOLM. Consisting in moving screens that integrate touch screens, camera and microphones, Dynamic monitors appear and disappear inside the meeting table desks through the mere push of a button.

Intelligently designed, their movement is fast but smooth and silent, and the look of the screens is amazingly elegant, by using solid aluminum and glass.

This astonishing product line has been selected in the 2011 Delta Awards; a referent in design in the South of Europe. It represents the perfect combination between art and technology as the synthesis of several aspects: passion, experience, technology, ergonomics and aesthetics.

During this event, ARTHUR HOLM will demonstrate its new AH Net software. Thanks to the use of this tool, the user is able to remotely control the Dynamic monitors without any difficult programming. This easy control software permits individual and global control of all the screens in a meeting room; up/down, on/off, VGA/DVI and lock and unlock the buttons are standard functions that will be remotely controlled by AH Net. The system allows storing different scene memories and also provides a remote diagnose and test system via local or Internet connection. Thanks to it, the screens can be checked before a meeting and sends alarms through e-mail in case of detection of any anomaly.

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